[CogSeminar] Новости: 31 января доклад по оценке раннего развития детей (Steven Howard, Australia)

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Вт Янв 29 22:41:32 MSK 2019

Уважаемые коллеги,

продолжаем сообщать новости. Мари Арсалиду сообщает о докладе по оценке
раннего развития детей, который в четверг будет делать на семинаре в ее
лаборатории гость из Австралии Стивен Говард. 

Доклад состоится на английском языке. 

Место проведения: Армянский переулок, д. 4, стр. 2, ауд. 215
(департамент психологии ВШЭ)
Время: 31 января, четверг, 15:15

Кому нужен пропуск, пожалуйста, напишите об этом не позднее 12:00
четверга Марии Фаликман по адресу mfalikman на hse.ru, указав в письме
свои фамилию, имя и отчество, а в теме письма "семинар Арсалиду".

Докладчик: Dr. Steven Howard University of Wollongong 

Тема: Assessing Early Development: The Monitoring and
Observation for Development of Early Learning (MODEL) Approach
Abstract: Several methods for assessing young children’s emerging
capacities (e.g., executive function, self-regulation, numeracy) have
been developed over previous decades. Yet new technologies make
available methods of assessment not previously considered. In resolving
conceptual and pragmatic limitations of existing tools, we developed
the Early Years Toolbox (EYT) to offer substantial advantages for early
assessment of language, executive function, self-regulation, numeracy,
and social development. Results across multiple studies, thousands of
children, and multiple continents are suggestive of considerably
enhanced opportunities for objective measurement of young children’s
abilities, enabling research and educational applications. This
presentation will discuss the Early Years Toolbox approach to
assessment, including some as-yet-unpublished new tools, approaches,
possibilities and findings in early assessment. Speaker: Dr Steven
Howard is an Associate Professor in Early Start and School of Education
at the University of Wollongong. His research investigates the
development of self-regulation and related abilities (e.g., executive
functions, school readiness) in the early years of life, as well as
educational implications of these changing capacities. This includes
research to identify effective approaches to supporting children’s
self-regulation development that are low-cost, play-based, and
flexible. This has culminated in creation and evaluation of the
Preschool Situational Self-Regulation Toolkit (PRSIST) Program. His
research also seeks to identify ways to monitor children’s
developmental progress in ways that are accessible, acceptable and
actionable by those who spend their time working with young children.
This information forms an important basis from which to effectively
shape children’s learning environments and experiences. This has
culminated in creation of the Early Years Toolbox; a game-like set of
measures to assess children’s self- regulation, numeracy, language, and
aspects of their social-emotional development.

С уважением,
Екатерина Печенкова.

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